About WALK

WALK was founded by William Boo, Albin Lindén Ludvig Herstad and Kristian Vindenes during their time at KHIO (Oslo National Academy of the Arts) where they all have got their education in Contemporary – and Jazz dance.

Their common view of the art form of dance and its connection to music and movement brought them together into WALK. Their work has already attracted the attention of the dance world in both Norway and Sweden and given them a platform to continue to develop their expression both by creating their own style but also as teachers/choreographers.

All participants in the company have had the dance in focus since an early age and even before they met at KHIO they have been active on Stage and other productions in TV and Media in both Norway and Sweden. The experience that members have created through their form of expression has not only been limited to dance but also given them experience in modern production of music and media.

Work and Apperances


Trippel Dans i Baerum Oslo



Norges Dansehöyskole Kristiania


The SHOW Oslo


"WALK with us"

Trippel dans Coreography 2020


The Show 2020


Norges dansehøyskole avgangsforestilling 2019


Norges dansehøyskole 2019


own clip